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In this presentation, Stephen Downes outlines and defends this proposition, showing how personal learning support will benefit people from school through formal education through to the workplace. Teachers in this digital era have varied teaching experiences in their classrooms. Every session is challenging and educative to both teachers and that is facilitated more by advanced technologies.

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With the growing trend of using emerging technologies, it has become essential for teachers to update their knowledge of integrating technology in a traditional classroom. It must be stated that universities have to pave way for augmenting the use of new technologies in a classroom by revamping curriculum periodically. In that way it provides opportunity for teachers to develop their teaching and professional skills besides providing exposure to new technological tools to students. In this presentation, the presenter would share her experience of using Wiki and Blogs with her students in teaching written communication.

She would further highlight the way those tools had helped her to design materials for learning and also created opportunities for encouraging students to work in online platforms. It resonates with me where Keith talks about his disorientation since the first MOOC he attended, where he had to figure out how to do it better next time.

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The slides from presentation, chatlog scripts and screenshots are also available. Events take place in WizIQ click here to acces the course.

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The theme of the current MOOC is collaborative learning and connecting online for instruction and learning. His presentation ends with advice for managing both the affordances and potential pitfalls of social media platforms.

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This is a really cool hangout. Harren refused, trusting in the strength of his castle, confident that the stone would not burn.

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Aegon warned him that the line of House Hoare would come to an end that night, at which Harren returned to his castle. To his men, he promised riches and the daughters of the riverlords to anyone who could slay Aegon's dragon, Balerion , in the upcoming battle.

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  • When the sun had gone down, Aegon flew Balerion high above Harrenhal, before plunging down upon Harrenhal, burning the castle beneath him. All that was flammable, both suplies and ironmen, caught fire within the castle, while Harrenhal's stone towers cracked and melted. The rivermen outside observed that the towers glowed and melted like candles.

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    Once Harrenhal cooled, the ruined swords of the ironmen were taken to the Aegonfort , where they eventually became part of the Iron Throne. The day following the burning of Harrenhal, Lord Edmyn Tully swore fealthy to Aegon, who accepted and named him Lord Paramount of the Trident , [1] as he had been the first riverlord to support him. It is said by some that Harrenhal's Wailing Tower is occupied by the ghosts of Harren and his sons. Harren : What is outside my walls is of no concern to me. Those walls are strong and thick. Aegon : But not so high as to keep out dragons.

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    Dragons fly. Harren : I built in stone. Stone does not burn.

    Jump to: navigation , search. Aegon : When the sun sets, your line shall end.