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The whole film is terribly written with some questionable scenes that seemed to have been written only for the convenience of the characters. The plot is pretty simple but mostly unexplained and full of holes. SO much is left in the dark and the main point of the film isn't even explained so it's hard to care at all during the supposed dramatic moments. Too much talking and not enough action for it to be a wicked B-movie and the overabundance of melodrama and terrible writing keep it from being a serious, dramatic epic.

There are slivers of a good film and some great ideas that occasionally appear and the few, brief action scenes are fairly entertaining, but everything else is so terribly executed that it isn't worth any kind of recommendation. Why all the trashing? I thought this was a very interesting plot. Why should a zombie movie require non-stop action? Anticipation of action can be as entertaining or more as endless pow, pow, pow, right in the kisser. Adrianne Palicki was gorgeous in this character, a look she should do more often. I agree that the storyline was a bit far-fetched.

The special effects were great although few, especially the locust cloud and the old lady turning into a monster. The end was somewhat flat but does follow the Chistian theology that Jesus gives us a second chance at redemption. All in all if was entertaining and worth the watch. The Angel Michael Paul Bettany plunges from heaven to Earth, after which he cuts off his wings and gets busy with gathering up an arsenal of weapons. In the meantime in an god-forsaken diner in the middle of New Mexico several lost travellers and the diner's employees surprisingly become a central point to the apocalypse.

All because of the unborn baby of the diner's hapless waitress. Soon people possessed by angels appear and only Michael's arrival helps stave off the impending doom Even with the above basic premise it is easy to figure out where this movie is going.

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  • It that sense it is basically a homage to the brilliant Prophecy series brilliant more in content than acting or direction. Now I must say that I am extremely surprised by the low grades the movie has on IMDb, given that so many worse movies have ratings in their 6s or 7s There are definitely things not right in this movie with the whole middle sequence surprisingly poor and borderline terrible in its lack of logic - possessed suddenly stop attacking and let the one thing they are preventing from happening happen That said the acting was at least good and characters are well presented.

    Add to that a very good fight sequence with the angel Gabriel and I found this movie a good if uninspiring watch. This is going to be a tough review to write. The reason I say that is because Legion for all intents and purposes is not a good film. Its ridiculous, preposterous, with plot holes the size of cannon balls.

    You could pick this film apart until there was nothing left of it but angel wings and dirt. So here is the thing. Legion was incredibly entertaining!

    The action was wicked and intense, the characters were fun and intriguing, it was gory and action packed so despite everything else I had fun. You basically have to let go of everything to go into this film. And some people can do that because a movie is not always art, or full of message and morality, a film can also just be absolutely nothing but entertain and for me Legion did exactly that.

    Upon retrospect of the film you'll start to realize the startling amount of errors and plot holes but I think a movie should be reviewed mostly on its first impression like when you're sitting in the theater. The unfortunate side to the film is that it misses the incredible potential of this epic good vs evil battle by making the story rather convoluted and underusing the characters of Michael and Gabriel.

    Paul Bettany is a great actor and very versatile. I think the film makers of Legion were lucky to have him. He is brooding, and strong and commanding as the rogue angel Michael. Even being a leading character they underuse him and we really don't get to see enough of his action. Lucas Black is naive and simple Jeep Hanson. In a normal film he would likely become the hero but when you've got an Angel to contend with you take a backseat and unfortunately that is where his performance is pushed to. He does well but is overshadowed in a big from the other actors in the film.

    That includes Dennis Quaid as Black's father.

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    I love Quaid and this is no exception. Its a small role but he takes it and makes it his own and really commands the screen. Adrianne Palicki is the lead female who is basically the cause of this angelic war. Palicki is very underused because I think she could have given a really strong performance if she had been given the chance but like Black she takes a back seat.

    The cast is also boosted by some amazing supporting performances by Charles S. Dutton and Kevin Durand who should have also been used more. Some might also go into this movie figuring it to be an epic battle between good and evil, Angels and Demons, further proved by the name of film, Legion being a horde of demons that possess someone in the bible.

    Instead this is about a battle from Heaven between Angels not even fallen Angels. The special effects are solid and even breath taking at times. The film also reeks of being Stephen King-esquire which in my opinion is one of the highest compliments.

    Fallen Angel: It's all about abandon...

    King could have put this together much much better but it has the twisted religious overtones, the isolation of a desert gas bar, and even the vivid characters. So for all of you that love to be simply entertained and want a thriller, action, even part horror film then absolutely treat yourself to Legion and avoid trying to pick it apart. It's a solid action trick. Spaceygirl 20 November Those abs, those arms! Nevertheless, to the film itself. Look, it's just a movie and a fun one at that! Paul Bettany has a grand old time, at the end sporting the best set of wings I've seen this side of Hallowe'en.

    He and fellow Brit Kevin Durand as the arch angel Gabriel are easily the best thing about the movie. Dennis Quaid, Charles Dutton and Tyrese Gibson give able support but Kate Walsh grates in her role and personally I was happy when her character was killed off. All in all, Legion is hugely entertaining, some scenes having serious WTF? Legion is actually a pretty good movie.

    I had low expectations when I got this film on DVD. The trailers also looked somewhat lame.

    Paradise Lost Book 6, Commentaries

    I only saw this because two of my best friends recommended it to me. Well, I'm glad they did. I actually thought this was going to be a straight up horror movie but it isn't. I'm not a big fan of horror movies.

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    • Basically this is another movie about the Apocalypse. God is not happy with the way humans are behaving so he sends an army of angels to wipe out human civilization. But there is one rebellious angel who declares his protection of a mother who is carrying a child who is deemed to be the savior of all mankind. I am a big fan of Paul Bettany. I have seen almost all his movies and I pretty much liked all of them. My favorite scene from this movie is the grandma scene.

      I thought that was hilarious. Overall, this is a great movie. By the way, I'm a religious person and I don't believe this film at all. Some commenters say this is propaganda. This is just a movie that will entertain. This movie just fails on every level. Well, I love those type of movies and Legion does not compare to them, or appear that it attempted to be part of that genre in any way. From an action movie standpoint, it basically lacks action.

      It has a few scenes I would categorize as 'decent'. The previews completely mislead viewers in this regard. From a drama standpoint, the script is absolutely horrible. Even with good actors reading it, some of the dramatic parts drag on unbelievably.