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High mountains rising: Appalachia in time and place more. Richard Straw would like to thank Radford University History Department secre-tary Fay Dishon for her generous help photocopying and managing chap-ter files. The editors also thank their Publisher: books. An act of faith: Southeastern Ohio miners in the coal strike of more. Labor History and Historical Studies. Anthony Cavender. Folk Medicine in Southern Appalachia.

However, refugee admissions dropped off to roughly 27, in after admissions were largely suspended for three months following the Sept. From fiscal to , an average of about 67, refugees arrived each year. Half or more of refugees during this time came from Asia, with many from Iraq and Burma Myanmar. Iraq is counted as a part of Asia in this data source. Congo has accounted for about 12, refugees, followed by Burma Myanmar with 4,, then Ukraine 3, , Eritrea 1, and Afghanistan 1, The picture looks different over the longer term.

Since fiscal Oct. The U. This pattern marks a sharp reversal from recent years. In fiscal , the number of Muslim refugees reached a historic high. Together, these states have taken in nearly 7, refugees.


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By contrast, Mississippi, the District of Columbia, Delaware and West Virginia have each resettled fewer than 10 refugees. Hawaii and Wyoming have taken in no refugees so far this fiscal year. Since fiscal , California has resettled the most refugees about , , followed by Texas 88, , New York 58, and Florida 48, For much of the 20th century, U. Note: This is an update of a post originally published on Jan.

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Something happening once could be random, twice could just be chance, but three times means something, Radford says. If you were going to use one, it was best to do so when you actually needed it. Lucky penny. There are several reasons this may have come about, but Radford points out that finding any money is lucky and pennies are common; therefore there are many opportunities to find some kind of significance with them like the year you were married, your birth date, and so on.

This could have been as simple as a way to encourage people to try something new, Radford says.

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Fowl were once used as tools of divination, Radford says, including a practice called haruspication, in which soothsayers inspected the entrails of a recently killed bird. Afterward, the collarbone would be laid out in the sun to dry. A person would make a wish upon it and snap it with another person. Whoever received the larger piece of the collarbone got a sign that the gods heard him or her.

FrankB: Donald Trump wanted a storied place in history. It looks like he's assured to have one. Lifestyle Home.

Follow Us. Korin Miller October 21, Here are the top 10 most widely believed superstitions, per the survey: 1. Wishing on a wishbone The top superstitions also varied by age and gender: Women ranked tossing salt over your left shoulder after you spill it as one of their top superstitions, while men and millennials said wishing on a star was theirs. Wishing on a star Once upon a time, pointing to a whole host of things including people was considered rude. Breaking a mirror The mirror was once considered to be divine and supernatural, and breaking the image was thought to violate its divinity.

Four-leaf clover Clovers were once believed to keep away witches and allow the finder to see fairies. Bad news comes in threes There are a few theories behind this one.